Directed by Mandie Fletcher, written by Jennifer Saunders, starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. Patsy and Edina have returned to our screens are off in search of fame and fortune whilst being hunted by the police.

Four years ago, Absolutely Fabulous ended its ten year TV series and has now been tweaked to the big screen. This need to tweak famous TV shows into feature length film seems to stem from three camps, either those shows were cancelled and fans petition for a film, the show is facing a revival having spent a reasonable amount of time away from our screens, or the success is so great that both a Film and TV only fuels their success further. Absolutely Fabulous falls in the second category, though it manages to narrowly avoids the trap where others have fallen. This trap has consumed many a TV show to Film idea, such as Entourage or The Simpsons. This trap involves the audience sitting down to watch the film, at the end of which they decide whether a longer two hour special on TV would have sufficed. Absolutely Fabulous offers enough entertainment and thrills to just about escape.

The film manages, as far as I remember, to capture many of those comedic elements we love. Patsy is by far the best thing about the series, so it feels right that she is also the best thing about the film as well some very funny moments.

The film it suffers from the having to hit the marks of a standard blockbuster three act narrative and though this allows for very easy watching it does mean the plot is somewhat predictable. This dampens some comedic enjoyment and spontaneity that made the series iconic.

Filled to capacity with so, so, so many cameos that I made a joke with my family before we watched the film suggesting an excellent drinking game where every time you see someone you recognise, you drink;However a problem quickly arose, you would not make it past the 10 minute mark, let alone the entire film.

My only annoyance with this film is a small one, I feel it really should be called Absolutely Fabolous: The film. Not only is this film so British, the humour exceedingly so. Americans are perhaps likely to miss a great deal of the references and the comedic tone.

OVERALL *** It’s good, not as good as other reviews have made it seem, but if you liked the TV series you will enjoy this.

RECOMMENDATION – Worth watching at least once for fans of the show, which are many.