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Directed by the Anthony and Joe Russo starring Chis Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Rudd, Emily Vancamp, Tom Holland, Daniel Bruhl and Frank Grillo. Following the events of ‘Age Of Ultron’ and ‘Captain American: Winter Solider’, Civil War examines the accountability of superheroes by the government, while also exploring the psychological impact civilian casualties is continuing to have on the heroes.

Though one can enjoy this as a standalone film, in order to become completely immersed in the narrative, I highly suggest watching those two films previously mentioned as much of the narrative from this film directly ties into those.

Civil War is based on the 2006 comic of the same name, one of Marvel’s most popular storylines. The Russo brothers have done an exceptional job of adapting it to the screen. Though there are obviously some changes, those changes are not dissimilar to the events, and certainly the tone of the comic.

The Russo brothers, I feel, have a distinct advantage over other Marvel directors. They have previously directed Captain America: Winter Solider and were, therefore, able to blend the superhero genre with a spy thriller, allowing this to become more than a science fiction film. With all the respect I can muster for Joss Whedon, who we all know to be an exceptional writer, he may not have produced his best work on ‘Age Of Ultron’ as Civil War could be considered a better Avengers film.

If Winter Soldier was previously one of the strongest individual narratives to the avengers, then arguably Ant-Man was one of the weaker films; however, in the hands of the Russo brothers, they were able to take a character such as Ant-Man and develop his strong comical ability. This ability to develop, so successfully, the charactertics of all characters, to which there are many, is a testament to the skill of the directors allowing each character to become very compelling.

As is the trend with superhero films, both Marvel owned and others, the cast is increasingly becoming bigger with each film. Civil War allows each character a moment to shine and each is developed in really interesting ways so that not one single storyline feels out of place or overly long. This also accounts for newest characters Black Panther, Spider-Man, while newer characters such as Vision and Scarlett Witch continue to become developed very true to their comics. These newest and newer characters are on different paths of self-discovery and the Russo Brothers have pinpointed exactly what we love about each of them in the comics. Scarlett Witch’s powers are clearly continuing to develop and it will be fascinating to see how far the brother directors take her abilities when one considers her abilities potential in the comics.

Spider-Man has finally arrived at Marvel and can at long last stand beside his fellow Avengers. Though many doubts were thrown at casting such a young actor, Tom Holland is one of my highlights from the film. His acting is compelling and though he may still be slightly too cool to be Peter Parker, as Spider-Man he is marvelous, comedic and is a bigger part of the film than originally thought. Aunt May as also been recast and is now played by the very beautiful Marisa Tomei , whose beauty is very intelligently observed. Now I may be wrong in suggesting this, but to my mind, neither of the previous Spider-Man adaptations had that very particularly Queens accent. If they did it was nothing to how strong Tom Holland’s is which is much appreciated as Spider-Man is famously from Queens. I very much look forward to his solo film ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.

Though many will argue, whose side did you choose before viewing the film and have those allegiances changed since watching or are you firm in your stance? The answer is, I am not totally sure who I side with now. The script has allowed for a compelling film, with actions scenes wonderfully choreographed and filmed, I suspect with new cameras that give a different feel to the numerous fight scenes. The ethical and moral debates that take place make for a very intelligent script so that if the moments on screen are not filled with some of the best fighting I have seen in a Marvel film, they are instead filled with an intelligent, compelling and thought provoking script.

OVERALL **** An Oustanding, intelligent Marvel film. The Russo brothers were successful before with Winter Solider but have now outdone themselves with Civil War. I cannot wait to see how they approach Infinity Wars, their next and potentially most important work for Marvel.

Recommendation- Even if you may not know or enjoy the comics, this is still worth your time and money.