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Directed by Brian Helgeland starring Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Christopher Eccleston and Taron Egerton. An exploration of the Kray twins, the most notorious gangsters in the East End of London during the 1960s.

‘Legend’ has received most recognition owing to the technological ability achieved to allow Tom Hardy to portray both twins. So while every performance in this film is very moving, strong, and provocative, it is Tom Hardy’s performance that dominates this film. In the past, the use of CGI has at times been misused and created quite a jarring effect when used in a lower budget film such as this.

In the past, the use of CGI has at times been misused and created quite a jarring effect and given how closely the twins interact with one another there is only really one or two moments where something looks slightly off. Admittedly I was looking very closely at the twins so others may not have noted these few moments.

Tom Hardy as the twins is really exciting to watch, he has a physicality with each character he plays and so has the ability to play each twin very differently and succeed, ‘Legend’ begins with Hardy as Reggie Kray and his physical acting is superb.

The multilayered performance of Hardy is what keeps the momentum going, as Ronald he is more of a physically demanding presence while as Reggie is more intelligent and callculating, which Hardy manages to balances really quite well. Indeed, Hardy’s portral of the twins is what makes these film quite so spectacular to watch however the only slightly negative thought I had is in regards to the two different narratives. Ronald is focusing on growing the business and being ‘the gangster’ while Reggie is exploring a more romantic endeavor. This romantic aspect struggles somewhat to keep the same energy or interest for myself. This is not to say Emily Browning’s performance is poor, as she really is quite astonishing, however within the third act it feels as though her story is being dragged out sometimes. This comparative attempt at balancing two interesting narratives fails somewhat because Hardy is so good at being the Kray twins you wish the focus to stay on him. Browning has a strong narrative but one that is overshadowed by the twins other than producing narratively important sentiments that provide a catalyst for moments of the film.


OVERALL *** An excellent film, Hardy is spectacular to watch, the film loses momentum in the third act when dealing with Browning’s character. A shame as both are very compelling.

RECOMEDNATION – If you are a fan of gangster films or Hardy then this is a must see.