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Directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen, starring Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black and Mindy Kaling. ‘Inside Out’ explores the mind of Riley, a young girl who we first witness from birth, the story follows her as she grows up and is forced to move homes.

The premise of ‘Inside Out’ is that each of our emotions are small people living inside our heads controlling a large dashboard, like Riley, they are growing up and learning about the world. While it is difficult to explain this sufficiently without revealing too much about the film, because while the plot is good, it’s the development of how the mind works which is really elaborate and makes so much sense.

This film is absolutely easy to watch, I feel this would be the case no matter the age because this is less an adventure film though that does happen, but more an educational film. I could imagine showing this to a child boarding on becoming a teenager as a method of understanding life. The creators behind this have very carefully thought through how each part of our minds, as we understand it, works and have translated some parts into characters with support from a highly intelligent and well thought-out script.

This feels in some ways equivalent to the film ‘Boyhood’ but the more condensed PG version, and of course, animated version of the film, but ‘Inside out’ can really help explain more from literally inside the mind of a child.

Without spoiling anything, I really do hope that they decide to make a sequel.

OVERALL *** An excellent film for educating a younger audience while entertaining an older one. An intelligent script and strong cast I do hope a sequel is in the works.

RECOMMENDATION- Excellent end of the week entertainment.