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Directed by Sam Mendes, starring Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, Naomi Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw, Andrew Scott and Dave Bautista. Following the events of ‘Skyfall’, Bond is haunted by a ghost from his past.

Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as Bond has a lot to live up to, as acknowledged by the cast of the film, the magnitude of the success of ‘Skyfall’ meant high hopes were placed upon ‘Spectre’. What the film offers is indeed the same level of high entertainment as ‘Skyfall’ but with more Bond.

The Bond song has always featured heavily surrounding the Bond films, with a different artist each time giving their interpretation of the film. Some have proven to have enormous success such as Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ while others fail to live up to that classic Bond sound, Jack White and Alicia key’s ‘Another Way To Die’ seemingly failed this task. I was at first sceptical about Sam Smith’s song and did not warm to it feeling the tone was not in tune to Bond. However having now seen it with the cinematic opening of the Bond credits, I can indeed confirm it works and it has been stuck in my head since I watched the film yesterday.

Christoph Waltz is as ever an excellent baddie, with Dave Bautista proving to be a good opponent to Bond. Daniel’s Craig’s Bond has always embodied more the physical side, showing his strength to be a key part of his adaptation, so placing him against someone stronger was an excellent choice.

Two elements shown during the film to great effect, one of which is surprising and the other seemed impossible to become even more so of, is humour and style. Bond, as I have grown up with him as Brosnan, has been comedic to the point of over the top humour which failed to work. Whereas Craig’s incarnation of Bond has become slowly more comedic and now in ‘Spectre’ it has been approached in an extremely tasteful way and at moments some truly funny scenes were used.
Now if it were possible for a film to be renowned for its own style, only for it to become even more stylish, Bond has certainly achieved that goal and then proceeded to raise the bar. While Skyfall was a beautiful film in every sense, ‘Spectre’ is utterly gorgeous, indeed even the most mundane things such as being woken up from sleep are staggeringly beautiful. Particularly the opening of the film where the Festival Of The Dead is both unique and stylish and fosters the desire to go there personally such was the feeling of being a member of the crowd thanks to the clever direction of Mr Mendes

‘Spectre’ is ‘Skyfall’ and more, it makes its own mark on the Bond universe and hopefully box office numbers and critic’s reviews will be enough to persuade both Mr Mendes and Craig back for at least one more Bond film.


Excellent soundtrack, visually beautiful and can easily compete with ‘Skyfall’ but with more than enough substance to be its own film.

RECOMMENDATION – Just go and watch it, I have hopefully given nothing away with this review, so please go and enjoy and watch, one of the best Bond films to date.