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Directed by Brad Peyton, starring Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Ioan Gruffudd and Paul Giamatti. A massive earthquake hits California and a rescue-chopper pilot and his estranged wife must find their daughter by journeying across the state.

Disaster films can be approached in two different styles, the first can appear as a disaster film but then try to become something more with an over-analytic approach to whatever natural event is causing the destruction, or by creating creating characters who attempt to create too much depth of personality or more importantly play with the environment as to suit the heroes. ‘2012’ is a good example of all three and some of the primary reasons why it failed. The second type of disaster films are those who are absolutely aware of what they are and try to utilise this to the best of their ability within the structure of a disaster film. San Andreas is such a film as it is acutely aware of what genre it is, so much that every cliche is ticked off the list within the first 20 minutes, allowing the film to really grow in the destruction portion of the film. I think this is a very clever move on the director’s part, the audience is under no illusions as to what is going to happen, as it is hinted at throughout the script and body language, which means we can simply enjoy a disaster film.

Although some of the CGI, with notable scenes which stand out as poor CGI, for a film which is largely dependent on CGI it is created rather well with aerial shots of the city looking upon ripple effects on the ground on a large scale.

There is not a great deal to say about this film, other than what was promoted through the trailers and posters is exactly what you will receive, which makes for very easy watching and some pressure moments built from more tense scenes that actually work.

Dwayne Johnson’s acting style has developed rather nicely over the years considering his background as a former wrestler and how many wrestlers go on to be as successful. Only one other occurs to me and that is Batista who we are soon to see, in the new Bond, and who has already proven to be quite talented in ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’.

OVERALL *** It’s good fun entertainment, not quite worth the money required to go to the cinema, but perfectly fine for a Friday night film.