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Directed by Keri Collins, Staring Ray Panthaki, Vicky McClure, Adeel Akhtar and Anthony Head. Two friends owe a strip club a debt, they decide to rob a convenience shop which results in them managing the shop for the night.

Convenience‘ begins with a comedic premise and high energy, the two friends who are similar in style and interaction with one another to that of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost bring an unexpected high level of comedy from the start. Indeed, there are moments of comedy reminiscent of films such as ‘Hot Fuzz’ or ‘Shaun Of The Dead‘. Adeel Akhtar who plays Shaan, the less quick-witted of the two, maybe familiar to some viewers as ‘Faisal‘ from ‘Four Lions‘ and indeed a lot of the comedy style is translated into this film.

The two men rob the convenience shop but as comedy ensues they are forced to work there all night. Once the film has established the shop as a location it then becomes the central focus of the film. They then cleverly use this time to showcase a number of frankly odd characters with some well-known names such Anthony Head who make brief but impacting appearances. Indeed the comedy here is utterly random but hilarious throughout however at this stage the problems develop.

Owning to the high energy level felt throughout the film when this new section begins the energy quickly becomes very low, following this the slow paced and at times predictable nature of the narrative means it never truly recovers. This is appropriate as no Convenience shop is this exciting, however because it loses the momentum and high energy it began with it and maintained through the first hour it then becomes less engaging for the audience. This is a shame as the ending returns to the style is began with quick-witted dialogue and high energy the comedy value feels as though it would have been in more impacting with a consistent flow.

What makes this film particularly strong is the casting, throughout we see a mixture of characters and all of them perfectly performed and cast, from the shop manager to the various brief appearances, though small, all are impacting. Indeed, the character developments are well thought through and multiple viewings of this film are needed in order to catch all details.

OVERALL *** A really excellent comedy, surprisingly funny and well thought out the film, barring the uneven tempo of the film it still produces some intelligent humor and characters with outstanding casting.

RECOMMENDATION- Excellent Friday night film as large parts will make the entire cinema laugh.