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Directed by Bharat Nalluri, starring Kit Harington, Tuppence Middleton, Elyes Gabel. A terrorist escapes custody on Harry’s watch, leaving both MI5 and Harry disgraced and forced to hunt down a terrorist threat on London.

4 years after the series finished and ‘Spooks: The Greater Good’ has arrived, a trend that seems to be growing or at least  attempting to bring fresh energy to a show long since finished, X-Files and Entourage being examples of this.

I never watched Spooks from start to finish, only the odd episode here and there meaning I cannot comment on whichever characters are alive and which are dead, but it is apparent that enough well-known faces such as Harry have returned to this story to grab the attention of those who are familiar with the show.

To begin with the set up is quite predictable, and Indeed you can predict the few twists and turns throughout, which dampens the feel of the film slightly. ‘Spooks‘ the Tv series as I remember it was far more intelligent with its narrative than this film would suggest, but then again I only watched a few episodes in abstract order; though I do now desire to go back and watch the series.

Kit Harrington plays Will Holloway, an estranged agent needed by Harry to track down and stop the terrorist threat to London. While his acting at times can be questioned his chemistry with Harry is intriguing to watch and he has some interesting action scenes.

The film does pick up the pace halfway through despite displaying nothing we haven’t already seen before nor does it push any boundaries. If anything this is just a simple easy to watch film and for those wishing to see more ‘Spooks’ but not enough to commission another tv series or film.

OVERALL *** Perfectly good entertainment with enough nods to fans without discouraging new viewers such as myself.

RECOMMENDATION – If you are looking for an easy to watch Friday night film then this should fit that desire perfectly.