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Directed by Etan Cohen, Staring Will Ferrell, kevin Hart, Craig T.Nelson, Alison Brie and T.I. When James king is sentenced to time behind bars, he enlists the help of Darnell to help him prepare for prison life.

I’ve always imagined that comedies like these are hard to execute in a way that maintains the humour without being distasteful or trying to hard. Yes there are moments that seem to drag a little but ‘Get Hard’ is actually quite comedic throughout and although it is not the best comedy i’ve seen in years it did make for very easy watching.

The intelligence then is created through the script where stereotypes are played to, at one point King is made to almost offer himself to the various gangs that have power within the jail he will be attending, each one of these scenes plays to the stereotypes but in quite a deliberate and funny manner. In fact there is only one smaller scene involving a gay restaurant which feels a tad forced, but otherwise the rest are quite funny.

Will Ferrell is basically playing himself but a slightly toned down version in some aspects that he is not  screaming or yelling as much as he has done in previous roles which can be quite off putting. While Hart manages to tackle different layers of emotion and depth with his character and if anything his character is the more rewarding journey of the film.

There are many moments I feel that will make the entire family laugh out loud which is a shame given that some of the content really is not suitable for children. This has more the date night feel or for those couples wishing to stay in and watch a film together or with friends.

OVERALL *** Good fun entertainment strictly for adults which is the only downside to an otherwise enjoyable film.

RECOMMENDATION – Ideal for students, couples and gatherings, but not suitable for children.