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Directed by Pierre Morel, staring Sean Penn,Jasmine Trinca, Javier Bardem, Ray Winstone and Idris Elba. A group of mercenaries are hired to kill a political target in Congo, the shooter (Penn) must then flea the continent, only to return years later once he has become a target himself.

This will be a relatively short review, my primary reasons for watching this were Javier Bardem and Idris Elba, Bardem is played into such a cliche role that within 5 minutes of his character introduction you can correctly assume and outline his entire role in the film. Meanwhile Elba is only given 5 mins of screen time despite both appearing on the top billed cast members and appearing to be a key feature judging by the posters.

This film is nothing short of some kind of self indulgent form of escapism from the mind of Penn who although he did not direct it he wrote and produced it. Penn’s character is introduced as a mercenary, completes his task and becomes a head leader on a project building well’s in Africa, presuming to reflect his actual life work with charity and less developed countries that he has become arguably more famous for than his acting ability. He then proceeds to enter into some type of heroic but confusing plot line in which he is ill but which choices to cause most of it’s symptoms at key moments as stress is conveniently the key. This is never fully explained either who he got it or how he seems to be able to deal with it so efficiently it becomes a non issue. His partner played by Jasmine Trinca seems to have her life turned upside down after 8 years of stability as she is dragged from kind napping to hostage and is never given any sense of explanation.

OVERALL * An utter farse of over complicated and confusing self indulgence from Penn who co-wrote this film, I am not overly sure why people such as Javier Bardem were thinking when signing onto films like these.

RECOMMENDATION -To be avoided at all costs not matter which element of the film appeals, whether it be an actor or the action scenes or a silly plot.