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Directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, staring Pierre Coffin, Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm. The minion are exploring the world with the sole purpose to find the  most evil villain and we follow them through their interactions from dinosaurs to man, lead by Bob Stuart and Kevin who believe they may have found ‘the one’ in Scarlett Overkill.

The minions first came to notice in 2010’s ‘Despicable Me’, since then they have become iconic both in their physical appearance and have become almost synonymous in their choice of clothing. Pierre Coffin, the creator of the minions then brought them closer to the spotlight in the sequel to the first film, where their hilarity was given more focus until finally they have been given their own feature.

What is incredibly reassuring with regards to the minions was a recent ‘Times’ interview with Coffin, who understood that he needed to be very careful and not over saturate the world with minion films. Compared to other big franchises like Transformers who continue to develop film after film not because of the content but owing to wealth they still seem to attain, the minions are very dear to fans like myself so this recent interview is very reassuring.

We witness the minions from their birth, and travel with them through time, their innocence is overwhelming as they try to help with each new evil master but are oblivious to what they are actually doing by killing them. This film manages to encapsulate their best qualities, humour and innocence. Kevin, Bob and Stewart decide embark upon a journey which takes us to places such as New York and London. London Becomes the central set in the third act and the music used encapsulates the decade they have arrived in forgoing the need to place a time stamp anywhere on the screen, a nice effect I thought. Between the music choice, the references and the minions interactions with their first major city it is hard not to laugh and fall in love with them even more.

Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm deliver fantastic performances, Bullock is excellent which is hardly surprising. Hamm was more a revelation owing  to our usual sight of him as the straight edged businessman persona in ‘Mad Men’ here he plays a comedic flamboyant  character whose interactions with the minions at certain points are hilarious and indeed a highlight of the film.

One part of film making that becomes a worrisome feature for many directors are the trailers, these advertisements for the film have very little input about what should be shown by the directors, a recent example being the new ‘Terminator Genisys’ a lot was revealed in the trailer despite outcries from it’s director. The trailer for the minions has the opposite effect however, the trailer is packed with moments that will make you laugh, but they seem to be small drops in the pond compared to the rest of the content you see in the film.

OVERALL **** Excellent use of the minions with a perfect balance of human interactions and minion humour with some really important life lessons.

RECOMMENDATION- two hours of your life you will spend simply laughing and in hysterics, the better question would be why would you deprive yourself of more minions.