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Directed by George Miller, staring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Holut and Hugh Keays-Bryne. An Apocalyptic land where water is scarce and humanity is divided into factions, one group of people set upon a journey to try and restore order.

Call this a reboot, call it a sequel or it’s own standalone film, what ever the outcome, this film is utterly mad and incredible. Having spent so many years being made and delayed it is now absolutely worth the wait, it will leave you both exhausted and hungry for more.

Having never seen the previous films I cannot supply a comparison, only a comment that though Max’s past life is briefly mentioned it in no way detracts from the experience as the focus is less on what was or what has have been and more on what the present timeline holds which is so much more.

This film is sensory overload in the best sense possible, George Miller who made the previous Mad Max films has returned nearly 30 years later to present us with more madness. The sheer amount of detail he uses in this film is astonishing and I feel several viewings are needed to capture it all. From the the different factions which have been given a great deal of thought that gives you a longing to discover more, it can be assumed Miller did this to give the entire film more depth as it is these details that make him the visionary you will see.

The none stop car chases which literally cause you to hold your breath for the duration punctuated with silence allowing you time to breath. The chase scenes here are some of the best, if not the best I have ever seen and I could write for page after page about them, but not only do I not wish to take from your experience but nor could my words ever adequately described them. If you have seen the film you will know exactly what I mean.

Despite the length of the film I still want to go back and experience it again and look at different aspects, the music which the film uses very cleverly so that we do not have modern rock songs but get a feeling of raw rock and metal music. In fact one of the first things I did once I left the film was to listen to Rammstein the German heavy metal band in order to try and stay within the madness of the film.

Tom Hardy is both excellent and very cleverly designed for the film, they could have easily made a film of a hero troubled by his past, but instead give us brief flash backs and short two sentence description of what happened to him. After which he remains in the present and though not heavy on the word count, his physical acting is superb and better suited. This allows Theron to shine.

Charlize Theron’s character is so refreshing it elevates the film. Charlie Theron has commented on her character stating they her and Miller wanted to create something unique in the current climate of the film industry as we recently witness in ‘Avengers Age of Ultron’. They did not want a romantic relationship between her and Max as they can barley be called friends because there simply is no time. Now they could have written in a romance very easily but I for one am grateful they didn’t because it would have reduced her character greatly, instead we have a powerful woman protecting herself and others left right and center and not needing to fall into the arms of any man.

The scale of this film is breathtaking, I cannot state how clever this film is and how much though has been placed into the detail. You would think that a film where nearly 70% of the film is based on car chases it would become quite dull after a while, much like an action film where you witness fight after fight and the repetitive nature becomes quite dull. Miller manages not only to defy this but force you to grip your seats and hunger for more.

One thing I probably will do now is go back and watch the original three, just to explore more of this world as I have become addicted to the madness.

OVERALL ***** One of the best films I have seen this year, so immerse with detail music and characters that I just want to dive straight back in.

RECOMMENDATION – This really really needs to be seen in the cinema, you cannot recapture the sound, the sight and the madness that the big screen can offer at home.