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Directed by the Spierig twins, starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook and Noah Taylor. One agent travels through time in order to apprehend a criminal that has always evaded him.

I had heard nothing about this film, its existence was unknown to me until this week when I decided to watch it. This is in many respects is a better way to view films judging by todays manic promotional material that require 3 trailers and ton of tv spots before we actually sit down and watch the film.

The only one concept I understand about this film was it involved time travel. Time travel, I feel, is one of the most difficult narrative’s to tell without not only creating problems for the narrative but balance it with enough to make it interesting while allowing the audience to keep up to an extent.

One hugely refreshing component on this film is it’s need to be observed closely for various lines and scenes, where unlike a lot of films being produced about time travel the directors seem to feel the need to give us a 5 minute epilogue. Here one must pay attention otherwise you will miss crucial aspects and you will never catch up.

Obviously I can’t reveal too much of the plot, but some parts are slightly predictable, much like a puzzle where you receive a certain piece and subsequently they are start fitting together.

In terms of promotion, I feel this is very undervalued as a time travel film, as instead of having wild chase scenes we are told a clever narration and tho some parts are never explained to my liking it is a very interesting and well thought out narrative here.

OVERALL **** Really unexpectedly excellent film, only slight annoyance was being able to solve the puzzle before all the pieces were put together.

RECOMMENDATION- If you are a fan of the following; time travel, intelligent narrative and like to be left thinking about a film long after you have seen it then this is for you.