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Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, staring Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit and Jamie Chung. An interesting relationship develops between a young genius and his robot who then goes on to bond with a group of other intellectuals to become a super group.

The first Marvel Disney animated film to have been made since the alliance was formed by these two mega companies and yet weirdly my expectations were quite low. Maybe this can owed to the over exposure of the MCU (marvel cinematic universe) and its upcoming events and may explain why I had little interest in this film. I had not seen a trailer which I am beginning to see is a large help as the promotional side for films is becoming bigger and taking away somewhat the surprises within the film.

Yes the plot may be subject to predictability but then you have to remember this is aimed not only for a younger audience but more for a family viewing so while the plot may not be the focus of the film it is strong enough to carry its own weight. The other aspects of the narrative are many layered and is not only educational to a younger audience but with the bouncy fun robot as the film’s main talking point it allows even adults like myself to laugh continuously throughout the film.

Yes there are many links and references to the bigger marvel films and even a well placed cameo by Stan Lee, but it does not draw entirely upon them like a crutch. Instead it makes it’s own path through the world and is not only  much stronger because of that but my respect for them is higher.

Though they should not have announced a sequel quite yet as it gives away a small portion of the ending it is still nice to see the potential direction they are going for as the plot development from the beginning suggested this was only a beginning step into this world and the sequel was not made just because of the money.

OVERALL **** Very entertaining and made for the family with developed levels of humour and intellect, the plot suffers a tad from being predictable but otherwise plays on it’s own strengths.

RECOMMENDATION – If like myself you are a Marvel fan then this is a must watch, still very enjoyable otherwise.