Directed by Antoine Fuqua, staring Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas and Chloe Grace Moretz. A man who has a secret past but a large set of deadly skills comes out of a quiet life in order to help people resulting in his involvement with the Mob.

Due to Denzel Washington being the main star in the film your expectations are high, however this is quickly dashed with the slow paced narrative and the over use of long slow motion scenes. This film is aware of its B type film involving gun fire, a good man helping out others with violent killings which basically summarises this film.

Despite this, the film knows what it is and sees it’s limits and uses every potential it has in a unique way. Compared to a film like Taken  this film dispenses with the lines at the start which would show us that his wife is dead, he is one of the best at what he does and has chosen a life of retirement. None this is mentioned until nearly the last 40 minutes of the film so not only is he actually shrouded in mystery but it makes you want to continue watching to discover who is he and where he developed his skills.

The slow motion shots are never truly explained on how he is able to stop time like he does, however by the end of the film it feels superflous to the greater theme that we are watching Denzel Washington be cool even if some of the deaths are too gruesome even for me.  This is all the trailers showed and if that is why you are watching it then your hearts desire will be fulfilled.

My only negative point against this is the time, ironically the one thing he checks throughout the film is how fast he can physically do things, despite this the duration of the film is far too long. At just over the 2 hour mark, this film needed to be cut by at least half an hour, as the attention of the mind can only focus so long on a film such as this.

Though Chloe Grace Moretz is top billed, she is a much smaller role then presumed, meaning she have could have used more screen time as though her character was not the most developed it would have added variety to watch her.

OVERALL *** A good film, aware of what type of film it is and uses that to the full advantage but the film cannot be more then just good because of it.

RECOMMENDATION – If you wish to watch Denzel Washington play a more quiet but deadly character then he has played in a while then this is for you, witness him slow motion walk though rain and kill so many people it’s a wonder why Hitmen can’t aim a tad better.