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Directed by Peter Jackson, staring Martin Freeman, Sir Ian Mckellen, Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, Benedict Cumberbatch, Luke Evans, Evangeline Lily, Orlando Bloom and Manu Bennet. Bilbo and the Dwarfs have now arrived at the mountain and they must deal with Smaug while also considering they hold both a crucial point for war as well as an enormous fortune.

The last in the Trilogy pre-quelling the Lord of the Rings films,this brings a sad close to those who surround themselves with the mythology or have grown up watching this films. I myself am not one of those with great knowledge of the mythology, but I do enjoy all the films previously and liked the The Lord of the rings trilogy, this third instalment focuses more heavily on war, which brings a visual beauty that not many films can provide.

Though this film is highly enjoyable it does have moments of weakness which means it fails to deliver quite the same feeling that Return of the King managed to provide. For example without spoiling anything, the ending feels very rushed, the transition from war to the aftermath feels as though last minute editing was performed so we were not allowed an appropriate send off for characters such as Gandalf, who has been an integral aspect of every single Middle Earth film.

The other reason this trilogy did not have the emotional impact I felt through the The Lord of the Rings was owing to  the large amount of CGI used. What made Return of the King so awe inspiring and feel so threatening with regard to the Orcs was that they were all people in make-up. This brought sense of realism to the three films that was lacking in these three. Although the sets were impressive and the CGI done with very fine detail, it still felt as though the CGI retracted some of the enjoyment.

However despite these two minor flaws, and they are minor in the overall experience, The battle of five armies is throughly entertaining with time moving rapidly despite it being nearly three hours long.  The elves in particular for me stood out as mesmerising and and interesting group of people, particular Lee Pace who is so dynamic as an actor he seems to be very under valued which should change very soon.

OVERALL **** Though the CGI was overused and the ending gave a feeling of being rushed, the majority of the film was entertaining to watch with some mythology thrown in for those who understood it all.

RECOMMENDATION- If you are a fan of Lord Of the rings then this is a must watch, for everyone else I highly recommend it.