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Directed by Chris Nolan, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Cain. We join the story at the point in time where, the earth has no need for inventors, technology or any development. The only purpose humans have is to create food through producing large amounts of crops while battling dust storms that are slowly suffocating humans. Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper is trained to become a pilot only for his skills to become fruitless as he is forced to farm, however upon discovering a secret base he is selected to go forth into space in a last attempt to save humanity.

Chris Nolan is by far my favourite director, and creator of my favourite trilogy Dark Knight therefore my excitement for this film grew quickly from seeing the first trailer. This film showcases McConaughey on his revolution back into the acting world.

I am aware this film has now been out for almost a month and so I have heard many reviews and some warnings about this film. The comparison to 2001: Space Odyssey has been made numerous times, however I kept an open mind about Interstellar as I am not the biggest fan of Space Odyssey.

This is the type of film I revel at watching, it pushes our minds to explore beyond the parameter of our own thinking and world. Though mind bending this is one to watch, it never loses itself or the audience in translating Nolan’s vision to the screen. The cast is powerful and handle scenes in a very realistic manner and though comparing it to Space Odyssey is understandable with the numerous references, Interstellar creates it’s own direction. It also changes some common elements throughout science fiction history which is refreshing and unpredictable and therefore highly enjoyable.

Visually this film is incredible and needs the cinema to encapsulate the full spectrum of sounds, images and emotions that come together to create this journey.

Some of this cast has been brought on from Dark Knight Rises, Nolan’s last film, thankfully they are recognisably different and pivotal in the film and it is clear why they were cast.

McConaughey is a fascinating actor, five years ago I would have given his films a wide berth with his continual production of romantic comedies. Now if his name is attached to the film, it becomes a must watch for me and between Dallas Buyers Club and Intersteller his performances are mesmerising.

Despite the negative attention some critics gave this film, once your mind is kept open at possibilities and goes beyond the basic nature of our understanding of time and elements, then this film becomes a strong meaningful piece of cinema.

OVERALL ***** A fascinating idea, executed in good form with a powerful cast and imagery, Intersteller is another favourite of mine this year.

RECOMMENDATION- Keep an open mind throughout, though long, the time passes along very quickly and if you are a fan of space then this is essential viewing.