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Directed by Doug Liman, staring Tom Cruise and Emily blunt. An officer of war find himself placed in the front line of the last attempt to save the world from aliens taking over, however once killed he find himself repeating the same day.

Edge Of Tomorrow, or as some know it  Live, Die, repeat which was renamed due to poor box office numbers looks at a concept seen in many other films and T.V series where the main protagonist relives the same day. We have seen this many times over the years in films such as Source Code and Groundhog day. 

The first act of this film creates feelings of confusion and annoyance with what could have been interesting idea, instead turns into a narrative with too many flaws in the plot to be enjoyable throughout.Tom Cruise plays a salesman who, once the war begins, is given the job of promoting the belief that the human race is winning the war.  In fact this is a false belief and that seems to be common knowledge.  The human race is apparently winning when in fact this is false and seems to be common knowledge.For a reason unknown to anyone but the general (played by Brendan Gleeson) Cruise is arrested and sent to the front line to fight against his will with zero training or understanding of fighting.

From here the main battle scenes suffer from a lack of thinking things through, as the armour that was promoted heavily before the films release seems to lack any sort of efficiency other then running at high speeds. Indeed the training for most of the men seems to be questionable with one man in particular deciding to stand and watch the fight rather then move himself. The small details keep distracting from the plot.

Emily Blunt is shown as the best soldier they have, given the title ‘Full Metal Bitch’ which seems some what unnecessary as had the role been played by a man he would probably have been given a name such as Whitesnake or viper! More to the point she appears to be the only one carrying a sword which on the field seems to be the most effective weapon in sight which leads to the bigger question of why are there not more of these swords in use?

The Aliens themselves are cleverly designed, and while the explanation of them is clearly thought out and carefully created, they are simply too well made. This leads to some serious plot holes that are never answered but glossed over in the hope we don’t release they are there. This is a shame considering these enemies are very impressive, just too impressive for this particular film.

The Second Act of this film is actually it’s strongest asset, with various comedic actions of Cruise working out how to formulate his plans and failing in various painful but entertaining methods. In this act the powers of reliving each day are explained, while some moments are predictable this part is quite enjoyable.

The third act is where this film is frustrating, particularly the ending. Though I wont reveal what happens I will say it needs to be cut 10 minutes before the end in order for there to be any form of clarity over the situation.

OVERALL** Emily Blunt is a strong character with the best weapon and most interesting character, the Aliens themselves are full of potential which is is lost in this film instead creating too many problems for Edge of Tomorrow to be a success.

RECOMMENDATION – Unless a die hard Blunt fan, she has more impressive pieces of work in films such as Looper. Otherwise probably best to watch a more in depth film such as Source Code.