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Directed by Patrick Hughes, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Kelsey Grammer, Glen Powell, Antonio Banderas, Victor Ortiz, Ronda Rousey and Kellan lutz.  Barney must pull a new team together after a mission goes wrong due to an attack from an old Expendable.<!–more–>

The Expendables as a franchise is one that is openly mocked, for both it’s over the top action and its inside jokes,  but also due to its ability to slowly bring every action star from the 80s to the new era.

As a fan of the expendables I acknowledge  that these films can be summed up in one word, entertainment or boarding on. The formula is simple, drag as many legendary 80s action stars into each new film and kill as many people as possible. However with this third instalment this is all changed and we witness the growth of the cast to such massive proportions it’s more a case of which action star is not present.

One member gets hurts, so they recruit some new faces while dropping all the original team and the far more interesting ones then Stallone. So we are given four new faces with more jokes about the decades then is at all necessary. With the new faces we have Kellan Lutz and Glen Powell who were the only ones particularly needed as Victor Ortiz is barley seen or missed and Ronda Rousey who has to endure a number of sexist jokes and being hit on.

This is easily the weakest addition to The Expendables and a majority of it is down to brining in new faces into this old world of 80s heroes which I for one would much rather see.

Mel Gibson is the villain this time and his character is one of the best parts of the film, different and boarding on exciting due to his history with Barney, Gibson brings a certain intelligent maniac element to the film which adds to the entertainment.

Though some have argued for the end of this franchise, I see no reason to not continue as long as the formula returns to the  first two films and stays.

OVERALL ** This is by far the weakest of the films and can only be put down to the young ones trying to take part, this isn’t why we watch The Expendables, as much a guilty pleasure as it is we watch this films for the older actors.

RECOMENDATION – This is that could and should be missed both for fans and everyone else. It is weak with the only new element worth watching being Mell Gibson.