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Directed by Steven Knight, staring Tom Hardy, Ruth Wilson, Olivia Colman and Andrew Scott. Ivan Locke is a family man driving away from work, his life which is usually organised is set a series of challenges all from the comfort of his car.

I had wanted to see this film for a long time, I am a fan of this type of production where we only see one actor in one confined space for the entire duration. It pushes the actor to work harder then they usually would have done with some much attention on them and in particular their faces. Buried was a similar piece and because of how they are shot,  they bring an intensity to the film that not everyone watching can handle. Indeed I very nearly paused the film several times to take a moment.

This is not a comedy or a feel good film, this is more realistic film that highlights a great number of themes.  As we watch Ivan Juggling work and home life and his own personal demons  all from his car it is difficult not to feel his frustration, not an easy task to portray to the audience given the subject matter. Though a strong film, it is also very dark and continues down the rabbit hole throughout.

One particular character who I feel the need to highlight is Andrew Scott’s character who has also has a difficult path to navigate. However despite only being a voice on the phone his performance is outstanding.

Tom Hardy is fantastic, acting as a Welsh man his accent is immaculate and his performance intense throughout.

Ethically speaking a lot of issues are raised in this film, so that when you finish you will have the urge to speak to others who have watched this for their thoughts and feelings.

What is most important about this film, is how it highlights the core of narrative structure. We are not exposed to rich glamour or high end explosions or violence, instead we watch one man, his emotions raw and his feelings growing more intense. With a script that very carefully balances the ethics of the narrative so that even at the end you are not sure which path you would follow.

OVERALL **** A powerful but difficult watch with the darkness intensifying throughout, but a very solid performance by Tom Hardy as well as the other actors.

RECOMMENDATION – Though I have made a deal how the films dark path it is still a excellent watch and one I would recommend even if not everyone can still through it.