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Directed by the brothers Anthony Russo and Joe Russo staring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson,Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Robert Redford, Sebastian Stan, Cobie Smulders and Frank Grillo . After the events of New York, Steve Rogers must find his place in the new world, while handling a new threat. 

For those of us who know who the Winter Soldier is, it filled us with huge excitement to see the title appear at comic con.

Though Steve Roger’s character became more developed in The Avengers, many thought the first Captain America film to be one of the weakest Marvel had produced in the phase one stage. However this next instalment offers more investment for the audience and more character development.

There are a lot of new elements and characters brought into this, and for those who have read the comics and will know more about them but will be happy to know without spoiling anything, that these characters are handled very well.

Though it is a badly kept secret, this is an essential film for Marvel fans as many huge events occur in this making this not only an excellent film but all a huge landmark for Marvel.

Both directors have already been signed on to direct the third film, though I feel after this we can trust their direction. They touch on some of the best source material for Cap, and handle it with care while, allowing more potential development and investment. While other Marvel film have of course used source material, they have felt the need to change and twist things such as Iron Man 3. Captain America uses source material like Falcon but uses them correctly which is sure to bring joy to the marvel fans.

Though I have talked in great detail about marvel fans, this does not make the film an exclusive to us. The story is excellent and deeper then expected with plenty to interest a larger range of audience.

Some of the fight sequences are spectacular to watch, they really take on board the assassin side of Winter Soldier so that his fighting technique is really filmed beautifully but speed enough to be impressed but also allow us to see the technique performed.

There are a few downsides to this story with a few moments that feel cliche which is a shame as it brings the film down a level from what is one of my favourite films. Though the suspense is needed, the situation could be handled a lot differently.

OVERALL **** one of the Marvel’s best films, they use the right source material, but more importantly handled it with care. Though a few cliched moments brings the film down slightly it is overall Captains best adventure and one the better Marvel films.

Recommendation- essential watching for Marvel fans, but generally a excellent watch for for audiences with a good balance of narrative, development and action.