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Directed by Neil Burger, starring, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jai Courtney, Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, Kate Winslet and  Maggie Q. A great war has happened and now a community has been divided into different factions. Tris discovers she is in fact a divergent, a rare person but one who does not fit into the new world.

Watching this film, I was unaware of anything about it. I had not seen the trailers, read the books or had any form of information about this film, what I had heard of was it’s similarities to the Hunger Games of which I am a fan of.

There are large amounts of similarities between the two series. A divided community rebuilding their world after a great war with a ceremony acting as the coming of age, with a strong female protagonist able to push herself beyond that of her rivals. Even the scoring system within the facility is a mark of survival with those not strong or quick enough to reach a high score being discarded by society.

However the Similarities stop there and what is left is a film with enough original ideas and theories to become its own story line. Though the script is not as strong as it should have been, how faithful this is to the book I do not know, but some of the dialogue feels slow and time consuming.

This is one very long training montage. What starts out as a rise for acceptance and quickly becomes the only main theme in this boot camp of soldiers, when the only fighting they do see comes at the very end. This rather frustratingly overshadows a really interesting plot which only gets given a brief explanation.

Indeed this film is over two hours long, which though long actually proves to be a good feature. While most books seem to be being split into several, this film avoids that by being longer, showing us where most films would have split, it carries on.

For a film I knew nothing about it was surprising how many big talents they had staring, however some of the characters had no depth other then to play their more then obvious rules. Jai Courtney’s character was unoriginal and tedious as the main bully camp leader, being overly annoying for no reason.

My biggest issues with this film is the overall plot, which I wont go into details because they will be spoilers. However I could find massive plot holes that were never answered nor did I see the point in them, in fact one at the very end very much annoyed me.

I am aware they are currently making the sequel which will hopefully allow them to improve on the smaller details of a potentially great series, which hold some interesting ideas if balanced and explored better.

OVERALL *** A good film with enough unique ideas to make it a great story in its own right, but maybe not as ground breaking as hunger games because of it’s lack of brutality.

RECOMMENDATION – A good film to pass the time with, but not enough entertainment or interest to pick up the book and discover more.