Throughout my life there has always been that one source of absolute humour and kindness, the type that reduces you to tears and aching sides.

Very few people offer us this gift, and even less have the ability to reach a maintained peak for so many years.

Aladdin was released in 1992, the year I was born and probably one of the first films I watched. We all remember the songs but what I think is most remarkable and iconic is the Genie. I think only Robin Williams with his instantaneous voice changes and observations could bring this magical being to such an incredible level of genius and make us love not just one character, but so many over the years.

I’ve have be aware of Robin Williams’ talent, his humour, his kindness for all my life, which is why it was such great sadness late last night to see the New York times headline appear on my phone saying he has passed away. Indeed I did look at it for a long time shocked at the passing of a legend.

It is very rare for one person to be able to achieve such iconic films with such different directions and topics, some of which were so dark and intense. With an ability to balance that is very rarely seen though often reached for.

Two of my personal favourites, which I feel are equally memorable and powerful, are Good Will Hunting and Good Morning Vietnam.

Two films, which looked at very delicate subjects but were able to bring love and also a sense of realism which made the films so beautiful to watch. I have no doubt that the film and the very famous line “Good Morning Vietnam” must have inspired many Radio DJs right up to today to pursue radio. Showing Williams’s ability to extend to all corners of the world his love, his humour and his passion.

As for Good Will Hunting, he applied the foundation, which propelled two very young men into such overwhelming success.

It is not often we see a man with the ability to tell outstanding stories for children but also handle darker more adult topics with equal measures of success.

Mrs Doubtfire was such a unique idea; it needed a comic value while also being truly loveable and down to earth. Williams managed it so incredibly well that the film is still not only regarded as a huge hit but also iconic in his drag all these years later. The film showed true heart and soul, which he managed to capsulate in his performance. They had been talking about a sequel for years now, though I hope they never make it. Let Mrs Doubtfire rest in those iconic moments.

Williams was a man I never saw leaving us, but always being there to give us humour and remind us how damn good he was at making thousands of people happy and indeed how brilliant he was.

His death is a shock, but his life and work will stay with us for decades, my heart breaks that his inner demons appear to have won – genius comes at such a price it seems.