Directed by Richard Ayoade, staring Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska. A government worker finds his boring life has taken a weird twist in the form of a doppelgänger  working in the same office. <!–more–>

The only information I had of this film previously was a short trailer showing a potentially clever film, experimenting with two people with the same identity, who not only appear at the same time but are also aware of each other.

So what could have been an intelligent idea, instead turns to a piece showcasing  boredom, depression and the how unoriginal everything is. What should be the pivotal point of the film is the Jekyll and Hyde, Fight Club type motive that the two characters portray which could be a more artistic view on the traditional story. However nothing about these characters is vaguely original which is as frustrating as it is predictable.

The only other frustrating part is that the vaguely interesting explanation that comes at the end, but by this point you are too bored and depressed to care about the characters nor to any explanation about why this has happened.

After watching this film, I looked at the reviews, wondering if the feeling of dislike was mutual. Only to discover how other critics are raving and praising this film, this is something I do not understand.

For the first thirty minutes of the film we are subjected to boredom, depression and even suicide. There is a certain artistic aspect of the film which could be interesting and lead into something more mysterious, a point we never reach and you are continually bored and confused at some aspects that make little or no sense.

Perhaps I have missed the point of this film, more maybe I have been a tad too harsh, if that is the case then comment below.

OVERALL ** Eisenberg and Wasikowska are excellent, but even they cannot save this depressingly dark film.

RECOMMENDATION-  Simply avoid this and watch something more meaningful and impacting.