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Directed  by James Gunn, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker and Karen Gillian.

Marvel’s first venture into space, and explores the wide universe with its new strange mix of people.<!–more–>

Guardians Marks the first step into space and the last film to be released before Age Of Ultron and the end of phase two. Though we may have witnessed other worlds like Asgard, this really feels like the first massive space adventure from Marvel.

Over a year ago Marvel announced its next big idea, Guardians, to an audience who were some what unaware of the group of five, myself included. However having now read several volumes of the comics, I can see clearly why Marvel choose them and I admit they are now some of my favourite story arcs currently.

The translation to the big screen is seamless, Gunn has proven himself very capable, much like Whedon with the Avengers, of balancing and translating a group of characters instantly over to the big screen.

Indeed he has stayed true to the mythology of the comics incredibly well, achieving more then previous  previous Marvel Films. He has more to work with now as we go deeper into space and are allowed mentions of references to the comics which would not have been possible before, while exploring subjects only merely glimpsed or referenced previously.

Without giving any spoilers away though difficult. For those, like me, who have been watching this interconnected series of film, this is essential viewing as some very large moments happen here that can not be missed.

The casting is perfect, as each character is allowed to be portrayed very accurately from its source . The music is a key point of this film and is utilised perfectly and is a nice change from the music we are used to with Marvel.

Gunn is already confirmed for the sequel and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike The Avengers, Gunn did not have a chance to slowly introduce us into Guardians with a film devoted to each characters before seeing them together. However he managed to introduce each character without over shadowing another.

OVERALL ***** This perfectly balanced group of heroes shows to be one of Marvel’s best films and manages to both entertained and use the source material to its best.

RECOMMENDATION – Essential viewing for those following the expanding Marvel film universe, also excellent entertainment for anyone not familiar with them. However I would not bother staying for the post credits scene.

For those of you who are comic book readers and have yet to pick up and issue of Guardians,  I implore you to do so.