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Directed by Wes Anderson staring Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori. The story follows Gustave H and Zero Moustafa as two working members of the Grand Budapest Hotel and their many adventures during the war.<!–more–>

There are certain directors who have very particular styles, because of this you only need to watch the first 10 minutes of their film before you recognise that style and realise who is directing. Wes Anderson is one such director, whose clear styles and camera work have become his trademark as well as the general odd but lovely feeling you get from watching.

What makes this style so particular is its artistic flair without being over used or pretentious, despite the plot being some what mad.

In particular I find the camera work very clever, while a lot of the scenes are simply people walking through corridors the camera work allows the simplest of scenes to grab your attention. By constantly changing the camera angle this technique makes us keep watching, apose to long scenes with no change in camera work or point of view. It is because of this clever technique that the film never feels slow or boring, but always high in action even in scenes where people are simply being chased.

There is a total silliness to some scenes which instead of looking badly edited are actually incredibly funny because they are absurd, an example of such without spoiling anything is the chase scene.

For such a large cast with so much happening, Anderson manages to balance it all very well, and while it is a nice surprise to see Bill Murray appear, then leave it takes nothing from your enjoyment of the film. Possibly because  Fiennes and Revolori are engaging to watch.

OVERALL ***** There is a good balanced mix of humour and reality of the time this is set, but the artistic value and techniques used make this an excellent film.

RECOMMENDATION- If you have never watched a Wes Anderson film then you are in for a treat, then go and watch Fantastic Mr Fox, and if you have then this is one of his best.