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Directed  by Marc Webb, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma stone, Jamie Foxx and Dane Dehaan. Spider-Man struggles with the events of the first film, while dealing with the power hungry Oscorp which in turn leads to investigating more into what his parents did and why they left him.

Sequels for many film become the weaker edition to the series, they struggle to find a good plot and have enough differences from the first film to be able to stand out by itself. For a comic book film this is slightly easier as the first film is always the origin story, while the second allows us to move past it onto more interesting premises this is a film just like that.

Although a reboot from Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man, I still maintain my attitude that this is the Spider-Man we should have had from the start. Andrew Garfield repirses his role, along with Emma Stone and Marc Webb back to direct. The combination of these three make Spider-Man more truthful to the source material, from the storyline to the actual suit which is the most authentic one.

I believe a lot of their source material, much like the first film, comes from the Ultimate Spider-Man series, the far superior comic book line which allows us to see a more interesting a developed Peter Parker, equipped with humour and a more likeable character both in suit and out.

One of the fears I had with this film, and I don’t believe I was the only one, was the amount of villains in this film. We all remember Spider man, Which had the same number of villains but felt very unbalanced and did not do those characters justice as they were too many bigger characters making their screen debut, like Venom.

In Spider-man 2, we have the same number, Green Goblin, Rhino and Electro. However they shine the light on the more interesting characters and balance it so well that it feels perfectly timed. Although there are only these villains present in the film, if you look and watch very carefully, a certain number are hinted.

My only issue with the villains is Electro who did allow for some interesting screen time, his human self, Max was slightly over played to the point of annoyance. A shame really considering how good an actor Jamie Fox is.

Dane Dehaan allowed us a better in-depth look into Harry Osborne then the original trilogy and his acting was far superior, easily the best villain and more importantly very iconic and true to the comics.

While the Script was excellent and allowed more great dialogue from Spidey, Gwen Stacy’s script could have been much improved on in parts. The chemistry between the two of them was as always fantastic and very realistic, not something we usually see. Though many were discouraged when hearing news that Mary Jane-Watson’s role had been cut from the film, it really makes sense once watched.

The humour was fantastic, and the technology has clearly invested been invested in as the opening scene with Spidey will demonstrate. They really have taken advantage of it by mixing it not only with fights, but also through his swinging around town.

One crucial aspect of this film that Spider-man has done far better then Iron man 2 is the set up to future films. While Iron man 2 felt like one long advertisement for Avengers, which it was. Spider-man managed to convey the weight of Sinister Six, a big thing in the universe of comics, while still managing to give us a strong Spider-man film.

OVERALL **** I  thoroughly loved it, baring two slight let downs with Gwen’s script and Max being over played, we are allowed to watch a stronger more in depth Spider-Man then previous.

RECOMMENDATION – Watch the first film, equally a joy so that this film is clearer to you, with lots of references to his parents. Fun for the whole family while giving back to the comic book fans.