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Directed by Ben Stiller, staring Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig and Adam Scott. A day dreamer living a simple life a a negative specialist for Life magazine, goes on a journey both in this imagination and real life.

We go to the cinema or sit down and watch a Dvd as a form of escapism, it’s not often that we watch some one do the exact same thing. Walter is a dreamer, he often gets lost in his own imagination, often dramatic and over the top but never when he is by himself.

This film is based on a short story and the first directorial debut of Ben Stiller who manages to capture pure imagination without making it unbelievable. He creates an interesting and thoughtful balance of using the imagination without over playing it and takes into consideration the time lapse that must happen with all of us as we day dream.  The key factor which makes this film brilliant is his ability to show us what is reality and what he is dreaming, but which in turn mixes into one large adventure half way through the film.

Though at first skeptical about a Ben Stiller directed film, as I am not a huge fan of his work, this was an incredibly easy and joyful film to watch. Nothing is over played nor under valued creating a balance which feels satisfying to watch.

This was piece of cinema with more power behind it then I was expecting, any issues that arise during watching this film are put aside as you enjoy this travel across lands and oceans. While those scenes in question are mixed in with humour which is clever to my mind.

OVERALL **** This is simply pure joy and fantasy, which is knows, understands and uses to the best of it’s ability.

RECOMMENDATION- An interesting watch no matter your age, this is just a happy film for families to watch.