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Directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, written by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, staring Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore.

Following Don Jon, a man who is all about his family, friends, church, body, car, pad and his porn.

This is a film I have wanted to watch for a very long time, since the first trailer went viral I was hooked on this idea of dealing with the subject of porn, but with a balance of narrative intelligence.

For Joseph-Gordon-Levitt to tackle this subject matter in his first director and writer position is not an easy Job. He deals with the subject matter in a way I have not seen before, by not making this into simple documentary about porn while balancing it with saying this is a not a bad thing but nor is it a good thing.

Though people have criticised the script, I found it very strong. This is not just an attack on the male sex who watch porn, this is a social realisation mixed with how women perceive  it and their own addiction to it.

The New Jersey Accent is not an easy one to get right, its a very unique and specific sounding accent that when done right, is excellent to hear, when performed wrong any serious points attempting to be made result in comedy. For this film set in New Jersey, everyone’s accent was excellent and spot on.

Scarlett Johansson is fantastic, one of her strongest roles because it is very different to what we have been used to seeing her in lately. Her character is really well written and more importantly her accent is just fantastic.

As usual I will not be talking about the plot as it is very unique and I do not wish to take anything away from the impact this film will have on you. However it handles the subject matter with a well balanced and more realistic voices, while the editing is also very intrinsically performed.

Each of the characters are really well developed particularly his sister, whose role may be small but has the most powerful presence in the film.

This is the start of a new Director and writer Joseph Gorden-Lewitt has given himself the best beginning, I will be keeping an interested eye on his future projects he decides to both write and direct.

OVERALL **** A fantastic, balanced look into the world of porn and deals with it from various points view.

RECOMMENDATION- Clearly this is not really a family film, I think this is more a film to watch by yourself and see how you view the material, comparing notes is fine, however I will stress that numerous watching’s of this film are required.