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Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, staring Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell. Chris Pratt plays an average every day builder, until he is confused for a Master-builder and travels across the Lego world in order to stop Lord Business.

Though it pains me to use such an Americanism such as ‘Movie’ this was what it’s called and it’s made in America so no arguments can be made there.

Though people maybe sceptical about the premise of Lego figures becoming animated, the producers and directors have done a fantastic Job. They have managed to capture the humour ,magic  and pure imagination which makes lego so great and needed to make this a success and enjoyable for all ages. Indeed I was sat laughing from start to finish.

Lego has come under fire recently for sticking too closely to the instructions, that everything must be made the way they have been issued. However this film deals with the issue in a really ingenious way, which I will not reveal for that would be spoiling it all.

The cast is huge, however not all of them play a massive role. Indeed a lot of well known actors only have 2 lines or so and are then gone. This works amazingly in terms of how vast the characters are in Lego while also paying homage to how old Lego is with characters from nearly 40 years ago appearing meaning you see literally hundreds of characters and a large majority of them are able to have a few seconds spot light. This also has the unique ability to keep you interested as your are constantly shown new characters from some of lego’s most famous sets.

The humour is done surprisingly well with nods to both older generations and younger so that all can enjoy this film.

One note I would say to anyone who wishes to watch this film, is to pay attention not just to the two characters talking on screen pay attention to all those things going in the background. One particular scene which at first look is meant to be romantic, when watching the background it then  becomes one of the funniest scenes.

A squeal as been confirmed, which like Despicable me I hope delivers just as well as the first.

OVERALL ***** This is a surprisingly well thought out and scripted piece of cinema which though one poster may have you rolling your eyes in indignation, the trailer and the film will hopefully prove that this is an incredibly funny and thoughtful film.

RECOMMENDATION, go and see it I plan on trying to see it again very soon.