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Directed by Denis Villeneuve, staring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo and Paul Dano. The story follows a gathering of two families on Thanksgiving, when both  daughters from the two families go missing, the search and hunt is on for them, aided by Jake Gyllenhaal’s Detective Loki.

Let me begin by saying this is not a comedy, light hearted or glamorous in any way, it’s an intelligent thriller designed to make you think about the ethical issues and nightmares parents go through in order to protect their children.

Though the concept will put people off and it is a relatively dark film, I still push for you to watch it as it’s gripping, intelligent and nothing quite like it out at the moment.

The two families come together and within 20 minutes the girls have gone missing, they have one possible suspect, it then becomes a case of how far are you willing to go in order to save your child.

There are some horrific moments, but due to the intelligence of the film you do not who who is on the right side and who is on the wrong side of this particular situation, as you feel for both sides of this dilemma. Though this may seem odd me saying that as it’s about a two little girls being kidnapped, there are far more complicated reasons that make this so it’s not quite so black and white though I do not wish to spoil any part of this film.

The two outstanding cast members are Hugh and Jake, both work incredibly well together and their acting is supreme. Jake has styled his character Detective Loki quite uniquely for the town they are in, this works for the role as he is a class above the rest of the detectives in the office.

While gruesome at parts it keeps you interested and wanting to watch and understand more. There is no glamour or big action music you might connect with these two big stars, simply a small town trying to find these two girls. This is a film to watch again and again each time picking up on small clues and see the bigger picture.

One small piece of trivia about this film, the reason Jackman’s character is wearing a lot of dark colours and clothes they are very bulky is because while filming this piece, he had just finished The Wolverine meaning for your normal working class dad, he sure is built.

OVERALL***** It’s intense, intelligent and really makes you question what would you do as a parent in that situation.

RECOMMENDATION, Some people and parents will be put off by the concept of this film but if you can get past this it’s an excellent well thought out and directed film.