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Directed by Martin Scorsese, staring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie. Jordan Belfort is a man with ambition and what he wants more then anything is money, we watch as he rises in the world as a  stockbroker.

Based on  real life events, this film has hundreds of different elements within it’s well orchestrated  walls. To do a full review of this film with everything I wanted to say neatly within it would mean this post would be at least 5 pages long. So I shall condense this film to the best of my ability.

This film has been nominated for 5 oscars, including its two main men, DiCaprio and Hill. Jonah Hill’s performance in this film is outstanding, his best work to date and a character from which he has created something unique, fitting and never seen before. DiCaprio on the over hand is simply amazing to watch, having spent a year and a half back to back filming Gatsby, Django and Wolf, it is fair to say he has had one of the most successful years of his life. My vote goes to him to win the Oscar as his performance is just incredible to watch.

Scorsese has always been known as a director who can choose the best song for the best moment, he succeeds yet again by using a mixture of pop, rock and party music which works incredibly well rather then using a mostly orchestral song he uses music we all know and love. More importantly he uses music that will touch and effect all generations, from Foo Fighters to Bo Diddley.

The film opens with the certificate saying, Sexual content and hard drugs are used within this film. This is an understatement. Which none of it is used in a crude fashion.

Margot Robbie dominates and works so well with DiCaprio, showing her skill as an actress and her talent despite lack of previous large production films.

As much as I would love to talk about the plot in great detail I cannot, the film is a minute under 3 hours long. A long feature to sit through and a lot of detail and information to take in,  however at not one single point do you become remotely bored. You are entertained and horrified throughout. The cast are all just fantastic, ever so slightly better then American Hustle, in the way that they don’t subtly act, they out right shout for your attention and for your eyes to be on them.

I wish I could say more, but someone would have to take me away from my laptop after writing for days and days about this film

OVERALL ***** This is a golden piece of cinema, made by a fantastic director who has not lost his skill at film making, despite what some people say. DiCaprio gives his all and Jonah Hill is outstanding. It really will appeal to all generations.

RECOMMENDATION, Go and watch it, I know I am again very soon.