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Directed by David O. Russell, staring Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Louis C.K. A con man and his partner are forced by the FBI to work for them, forcing them into the world of the mafia.

David O. Russell is an excellent director in not only being able to play out an impressive plot, but also has the ability to draw the very best from his cast by putting them in roles they would not usually have played. Or otherwise a role we would not link them to normally, for example the majority of people will know Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games or X-men and yet this role was the  other side of the  scale compared to those characters and she played this so incredibly well.

The most attractive element of this whole film was the script, as it brought out the best in the cast with it’s fast paced, intelligent writing. It was unlike other films where you simply sit and watch to enjoy, you received these basic things with ‘American Hustle’ as well as making you concentrate and stay with the plot. This is where I feel a lot of the bad reviews have come from, simply people were not expecting the fast pass script or detailed plot to follow.

The cast was just fantastic, even smaller roles were excellent but what was well thought through was that no one overshadowed any one else, for me each character was unique in their own separate way which highlighted their own performance, without down sizing the other actors.

The costumes were fantastic as well as the physical appearances from them all, in an interview it was shown that each actor was told a small something about their character, whether it be a picture or a personality attribute. They then went off and created these fantastic characters which I feel helped with the acting ability of each one.

What is interesting, at least to me is how Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, having just completed an excellent piece with Russell ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Immediately signed on to American Hustle. Showing I think a mark of an amazing director.

OVERALL ***** This is a smart, fast scripted film, with an outstanding cast is one of the best of this year, using to the full it’s vast potential.

RECOMMENDATION, go and watch it for yourself in the cinema, I really have only peeled away the first layer of this film.