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Directed by Peter Jackson, staring Marin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Sir Ian Mckellen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Orlando Bloom, Lee Pace and Evangeline Lilly. The story continues to follow the entourage as they head towards the mountains and more importantly, Smaug.

This sequel allows us to be more focused on the action and plot, rather then the set up that the first filmed gave us rather nicely. Which is a of course a similar formular to The Lord Of The Rings.

The main issue that has always plagued sequels is keeping that fire burning that made the first film strong, how to keep the audience’s attention enough to make the second film just as good , if not better while still maintaining it’s own plot within the film in it’s own right.

I will state outright that I have not read the book this is based on, therefore I can not tell you how much is from the book and how much is created for the film. When leaving the cinema there were mixed responses, mainly for those who had read the book as they felt parts where left out that should have been included. For myself having not read the book I really enjoyed this film, it was a nice mixture of action and plot, though two aspects confused me and had to be explained to me from within the world of Lord of the rings/the hobbit, however this film was arguably better then the first.

Like Hunger Games, having now watched the second part it has given me the urge to go and buy myself a copy of the Hobbit to read, a good result of a film I would dare say.

One aspect I felt was under used to an extent was the elves fighting within the Lord of the Rings trilogy, in this instalment they are used incredibly well and it’s amazing to watch them at work.  The fighting is incredibly smooth and we now see more into the elves history which is incredibly interesting.

I honestly preferred this film to the first on, like the Lord of the rings trilogy the first film is the slower paced plot driven film, the sequel is more action based with more of a welcoming feelings to everyone and not just to those who have read the books.

Without wanting to spoil anything about Smaug himself, but the entire scene is astonishing, from the location and how amazing they have made the dwarf tunnels to Smaug himself, Cumberbatch has done his Job very well.

If The Hobbit is following the theme of Lord Of The Rings then next year, we should all be in for massive treat.

OVERALL **** I really enjoyed this film and though it is very long, it never made me feel that it should end.

RECOMMENDATION, Go and see it in the cinema and in 3d, this is a film where 3d is needed and used on a grand scale and it simply amazing to watch, different pace to the first and a better one I feel.

OVERALL **** its a good fun film, plenty of action, plenty