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Directed Jeff Wadlow, staring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz- plassse and Jim Carrey. The sequel to the highly acclaimed Kick-Ass, costumed heroes are the new fashion, but revenge is stirring in the heart of an old enemy.

The first Kick-Ass film was a revelation, in an ere when super hero films are the fashion and where super-powers are what everyone is in love with. Kick-Ass puts it’s own ideal into play and it worked.

However the issue with Kick-Ass 2 is the plot. We know the actors from the previous film, baring a few new members all of which are bringing and new air of excitement to the franchise, that they are all entertaining and developed. For example, Hit-girl in the first film was a fantastic character, the unsuspected daughter of Big Daddy, she was funny and kick ass and we loved seeing her weapons and her comedy was spot on. In this sequel she has been reduced to a contrived character in a plot filled with clichés, which is incredibly frustrating as the directer has felt the need to hold back on his female characters with the two most notable ones simply reduced to crying a lot and being a catalyst for the male characters while the men can stand by themselves.

However the plot is incredibly lacking in any form of fun excitement, I feel this is due to a change of directors. Matthew Vaughn led the first instalment and seemed to know how to handle the comic book material, Jeff Wadlow appears to not be able to grip the same understanding.

One element that Kick-ass film’s manage to deliver is turning an actor, for myself personally, from characters I have never liked into excellent ones. Nic Cage from the first is normally an actor whose projects I avoid, however in the first kick-ass he is incredibly good. The same has happened in the sequel with regards to Jim Carrey, normally playing the same role continually, in Kick-ass 2 his character is very different, vey good, just not used enough.

This could have been so much better if they had used more original ideas and used the female actors in a better fashion. I entirely blame the direction for his misguided use of this material and his inability to utilise female characters to the full scale of their ability.

OVERALL *** With female characters being banned from the male world and the plot not great, best to stick to the first one.

RECOMMENDATION- Watch the scenes with Jim Carrey in them but overall simply stick to the first one.