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Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Staring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris. A routine space mission goes wrong, the only aim to to survive space.

3D is a use of technology that many have questioned in regard to it’s use. Are we over complicating the viewing experience and taking our minds away from the story, the characters with pointless scenes clearly only designed for the 3d experience.

Gravity is a film made around 3D and it should resolve anyones negative thoughts in regards to this process. 3D is used to excite, educate and more importantly to scare us, a film which must be seen on the big screen and in 3d because no other methods could replicate such a visual masterpiece.

This film is powerful and to the point, using a minimalist cast so that our emotions are more directly focused, with a cast that is irreplaceable.

Though 3D is of course a large part of this films experience, it’s the location and editing which is truly breathtaking. Very clearly this was all done in a studio with green screen surrounding it, however you could have fooled me, the detail is meticulous and beautiful. The camera angles are mind-blowing, with an entire 30 minutes devoted to one shot which takes in its scope the shuttle  and more.

I watched this film on saturday night, it is now wednesday and this film is still both prominent in my mind and I can still feel it’s presence with the effect it had on me while I was watching. It’s amazing to me how a directer who I did not regard in any high esteem with Children of men, though harry potter was a credit to the man, I was not expecting something so powerfully made to come from his visionary mind.

The sheer size of the film is truly breathtaking with tension created in the right places and never once did I feel bored or wish it to end, merely captivated by its raw visual and emotional power it created.

I cannot stress enough that this is not your average film, nor one to wait for the dvd to arrive at your doorstep instead I plead and urge you to go forth and marvel in this experience of 3d and large screen.

OVERALL***** I find no flaw in this film, I simply pledge that Sandra Bullock receive an oscar nomination.

RECOMMENDATION – buy a ticket and go watch this spectacle in glorious 3d.