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Directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan. Staring James France, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson. While attending a party at James Franco’s newly built house, the end of the world begins.

Many people have looked at this film as a overly self indulgent excuse for a bunch of friends to come together and make a film about themselves. They would be right on the mark with that line of thinking. Though they may be altered versions of themselves they are still playing themselves and for the first half of this film we are treated to barrage of name dropping.

As soon as Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel arrive at Franco’s house, every minute it feels like 20 names of actors, comedians, musicians  are dropped and seen. This is a novelty that lasts  long enough for this theme of yet another famous face being put on our screens becomes quite dull.

The film only really kicks into a funny high gear of silly but funny situations once something dark and mysterious happens to Jonah Hill. At which point this is a really funny enjoyable film.

I can only assume that a lot of this was improv as most of the films associated with these actors seems to be. One note to make is the self deprecation they put themselves through with many references to previous projects they have made that they themselves admit are bad films.

The plot is incredibly hard to talk about in that nothing outstanding happens, merely what you would expect from these individuals who are clearly all good friends, but only to say stay with this film until the above mentioned happens because then the comedy finally finds it’s feet. This film does not challenge any of them but is merely a weird but funny film.

However in terms of anticipation I had for this film, it was no where near the level I was expecting until maybe the second half which took it’s time to arrive but when it did, it arrive with  the fire and energy needed.

OVERALL **** It’s good once it comes to live which is certainty not with the start.

RECOMMENDATION – This is a film for people of a certain mind set and age, if the trailers and posters have not grabbed you then give this a miss. You won’t miss anything vital, baring maybe a certain bathroom scene.