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Directed by Alan Taylor, staring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Eccleston, Idris Elba. Asgard is under threat from an ancient enemy.

The sequel to Thor and the next in the phase 2 of marvel, this time conducted by Alan Taylor whose more notable credits include directing 6 episodes of Game Of Thrones. It is clear this film was heavily influenced by a lot of the elements that makes Game Of Thrones as massively successful as it is.

Alan Taylor was clearly the right man for the Job, with his ability to not only give Thor: The Dark World a touch of thrones, but also to look at the right elements of the first film and what made that great by amplifying it all while cutting away any form of negative impact the film had.

I would sit here and  dissect the plot but I must fight with all my urges not to do so for fear of spoiling the smallest detail. Though some people have felt that there were too many clips showing good moments of the film I would say this, firstly a majority of these clips happen at the start and secondly these are second class to some of the much better scenes throughout.

What is an incredibly interesting aspect that only marvel films that are part of this intertwined universe of the last 4 years have, is the development of the characters. Thor is now a very different man to who whom he was in Thor and even Avengers which makes these stories stronger as we have moved away from the origin stories and can now look at developing these characters more closely.

The acting throughout is fantastic particularly with those characters given little room to shine and can now flourish, showing us what we have been missing.

There is very little I can say about the film without giving things away as there are many scenes that no one was expecting but that at the same time are truly fabulous.

OVERALL ***** There is no flaw in this film, other then the sheer emotional rollacoster one feels when watching this intelligently made film.

RECOMMENDATION, go and watch it, simple enough.