Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, staring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, the story follows a colony, many years after they have abandoned earth father and son set out on a voyage so that that the son can prove himself as a man. The ship is hit and crashes to earth and the sole two survivors, father and son, must work together in order to survive.

M. Night Shyamalan had such promise as a director with the cult classic, Sixth Sense, however those days have long past and what stands in his place is a man with over indulgent friends.

One fact that I was not aware of until the credits begin to roll, Will smith designed the story and was a producer on the film along side his wife. So essentially After Earth is an overindulgent film made with a once great director, like a family video expect this one was put in cinemas.

The plot it’s self is bland unimaginative, with the first 10 minutes giving us some kind of environmental warning about how we are treating the earth mixed with a very brief history of Will Smith’s colony with a final note to that inevitable final boss will be at the end.

In terms of acting, yes it was clear they are actually father and son. What is clearer however is how Jaden Smith would never have got this far without the help of his parents. Please don’t misunderstand me, I do not mean without their support I mean without their money.  His acting is dull at the best of times, he has a moment or two of redemption before the reality of his acting is brought to our attention again. I strongly believe that had his parents not been both producing this film and writing the story, not only would he have gotten this role but this film would never have been made.

Underlining all of this, the plot, the scenery, the money spent, underlining it all . The most depressing thing about this film is a reminder of something very special seemingly lost at this moment in time. I draw your attention back a few year to arguably a classic film, The Pursuit of Happiness, a film which made it’s self into a classic because of Will Smith and his son Jaden. That quality that made the film powerful seems to have all been lost and replaced with CGI monsters and a world not needed.

Like Oblivion I could see scenes literally ripped from other films, or those scenes inspired by other scenes did not have enough changes in them to make them unique in any way.

OVERALL * Will Smith is vaguely interesting to watch.

RECOMMENDATION – Watch something better, don’t waste your money either buying this or subjecting friends to this in a cruel prank.