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Directed by Justin Lin, Staring Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. This time Hobbs needs Dom and his team to track down and hunt a  street racer who is wanted in over 12 countries.

Firstly I will justify this film by saying,  this is not a serious film to be analysed to the tenth degree. This is pure nitro filled fun full of cars chases and action scenes. So if your looking for a challenging film, this is the wrong one for you. If like me your a fan of the series then please keep going into this adrenaline fuelled testosterone ride.

This will be Justin Lin’s 4th fast and furious film that he has directed, so an experienced man dealing with this franchise you expect him to deliver. Which he does though this instalment is better then the predecessor it’s starting to take even the ridiculous stuns a stretch too thin, by this statement I am referring to two scenes. Both of which are shown in the trailer so I can talk about them without giving spoilers.

First scene on the highway when they are racing after the bad guy, leading to Dom jumping into the air to catch a girl. The literal impact of this action makes sense in terms of plot, what doesn’t make sense is why it had to be achieved in this manner. CGI is some what poor and spoils the feeling of honesty that you try to maintain with this series.

My second scene I would like to question is the runway, though throughly entertaining to watch. How  long is this runway, baring in mind the plane has enough time to land, to then gather take off speed and keep this a constant for 15 minutes. For those who have seen this and are curious about the maths side of this dilemma, there are plenty of sources to find online which give a rough estimate at the length of this runway.

My only worry with this series, now into a double trilogy, is this. Each year a new film emerges from the smoke of the tires as they burn red hot, they produce even more money then the previous. So clearly they can afford more expensive sets, vehicles and stuns. How far can they take this before the fun and ridiculous becomes less action and more implausible. Though I know the big stuns at the end become part of the body that is Fast and Furious with the bank Heist in the last one.

Having said that, a large part of this film takes place in London England, where many shots are taken of various landmarks and filmed around iconic sites. What is nice is that almost everyone is actually English rather then Americans attempting our accent which always fails and always insults. However we are not portrayed particularly well here and its a relief when things move on to other countries.

The characters have become more interesting and are allowed to finally develop, which we saw a hint of last time. Please note as well that filming has already begun on the next Fast and Furious, with a still from the set emerged and the likes of Statham added to the ranks of racers.

OVERALL *** It’s fun, its got great music, and it has moments which will make you laugh through this ride or die film.

RECOMMENDATION- If your a fan of the series like I am then go watch this, if you haven’t but would like, make your way to the start line that is The Fast and The Furious