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Directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, staring Miles Teller, Justin Chon and Jonathan Keltz. The premise, the night before a big interview and on the day of his 21st Birthday, three friends reunite and help the first celebrate his birthday.

This is not a remake, however this is a prequel to the hangover films, it’s not actually a prequel but might as well be for all the originality is posses. In The Hangover we are introduced to the guys after a night of heavy drinking and mayhem while they try and piece together the previous night in order to find their friend. IN 21 & Over we start off much the same except we are taken back to the start and follow them on their journey of drinking.

A few funny moments disguise the causal racism that seeps through this film while it rides the band wagon trend of the Hangover films. They even have a bull instead of a tiger, which is presumedly stolen.

There is not much to say about this film, other then it’s Project X meets the Hangover while be constricted to a college campus with less humour.  While the rest of the time is filled with drinking, racism and a small love story. It is a relatively short film which works in it’s favour so as to note drag out a tedious plot for no reason.

OVERALL ** It’s an easy watch when you have little else to do, or instead watch the trailer to catch the highlights.

RECOMMENDATION- Watch any of The Hangover films or Project X, they are better. Much like a heavy night of drinking, is easy to forget and why would you want to remember it.