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Directed by Antoine Fuqua, staring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman.  A former member of the presidential guard (Butler) must face his past and and attack a group of terrorists that have taken over the WhiteHouse and are holding the President hostage in the underground bunker.

I am a massive of The West Wing, I have watched this series from start to finish many times and from it I have gathered a  good understanding of how the security, protocols and general organisation of the West Wing work. Not one thing in this ridiculously over the top action thriller would have logically happened. From the plane flying in an unauthorised flight zone which appears to be a mile from the White House, to the President shouting that he wants all his guests from South Korea to be with him in the bunker and then finally with the enemy being Korea.

It must also be noted that this film is not to be confused with the Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum film released this year called White House Down, though they may look very similar.

Olympus has Fallen, seems to go the extra mile just to make sure every possible cliche in action film history can be checked off. The disgraced solider, the unhappy home life, the father and son struggling to find time together and the only man who seems to be able to both shoot on target and not get hit himself is Butler.

One of my biggest issues with this, the start, which begins with a journey from Camp David to the presidential meeting for his election campaign. If the roads and the weather were in that bad condition there is no way they would let the President take that journey.

Now there is nothing wrong with a film full of cliche, if the humour is there. If we have something to actually laugh with rather then at. The jokes are forced and feel like they just came out of a 80’s action film rather then modern day.

Within the first 20 minutes you have basically seen the plot and the rest is not had to guess.

OVERALL * for Morgan Freeman whose scenes are at least interesting while the rest of the film is cliched and boring.

RECOMMENDATION- Just wait for White House Down, at leas that will hopefully make you laugh.