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Directed by Joseph Kosinski, Staring Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Andrea Riseborough.
Set in an apocalyptic future, Cruise and Riseborough work as an effective team to bring in the worlds last remaining resources after a war has nearly destroyed earth. Cruise is repairman who looks after the drones who in turn are flying around these massive machines in the middle of the oceans as they drain the remaining water. The premise being that a large war was fought on earth, we won but the cost was our planet.

At the start of the film is is made clear that the two of them only have a few weeks left before they join the rest of humanity aboard a giant triangle in space. Que the line “I got 8 days to my retirement, and I will NOT make a stupid mistake” (Lethal Weapon 3)

This is a film staring Tom Cruise, as Tom Cruise and is all about Tom Cruise. Too much Cruise for you ? can’t say I blame you. He is in nearly every scene which brings his acting ability under a microscope, the findings are not good.

Visually this film is truly stunning, it’s landscapes, it’s vehicles are all amazing and beautifully done. The attention to detail on this film is outstanding which helps when they actually built half the things they used such as the drones and Cruise’s small plane. I cannot fault this film for it’s looks because they clearly spent a long time going over every single detail, even the weapons look beautiful, not cheap but like they could actually cause some serious harm.

However no matter how stunning, how gorgeous a set you make it, if the plot and the characters aren’t up to scratch then it loses it’s value and that is very quickly apparent here.

One of my biggest issues with this film, other then Cruise, is how much it feels like a rip off of everything else, very little about this is original. Films can and do influence each other and strive to work together to create something new and interesting. However some of the scenes here feel like they just flue to the sets of other films without bothering so much as to make any personal adjustments.

The start of the film we fly over a beaten almost abandoned earth, most of the cities are far underground buried in dirt and destruction. Cruise’s voice is heard giving you a history lesson with some music in the background, the music sounds eerily like  Tron. The entire beginning feels like the start of Tron. Then we have the landscapes, the scavengers and the sound effects which all feel like they were bought straight from Star Wars. Remember the first film with the deserts and the scavengers, it’s almost the same.

Another stolen piece of cinema history they used is Jaba the Hut’s palace, some of the last humans on earth live here and there is a shot of the entrance to their home. It is Jaba the hut’s entrance, so like it in fact it gives you chills.

The finale piece of stolen film archive they helped themselves to, comes at the end, no spoilers, all I will say is Independence Day.

Now moving on, this film is set 40 or so years into the future, yet for some reason the human race is still electing to keep the woman safe behind the desk looking at the map while the man goes out and repairs things, flies around and explores the landscape. Honestly having watched the film surely they should have sent the woman.

There are a few good twists and turns in this film, but they come far too late into the proceedings and by that point your already getting bored of Cruise. While Olga Kurylenko, is a decent enough actress, she does nothing other then scream and get treated poorly by Cruise’s partner. Morgan Freeman’s the role is too easy, however he is in terms of character the best thing in this film.

OVERALL ** As much as a lot of it was stolen, the settings, the vehicles and the general look of this film is stunning.  Just everything else that falls apart, if this was a piece of art where one could visit and explore then I would have no issue.

RECOMMENDATION- I can not honestly think of a single reason to give to you to watch it, I was just happy when the credits appeared. Download a few photos of the sets and see what you think.