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Directed by Danny Boyle, staring James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson. An auctioneer working both sides of the law steals a painting for a group of criminals, only he cannot remember where he hid it and now seeks the help of a hypnotherapist in order to salvage his lost memory.

This is one of my most carefully written reviews I have written,  as any word, any hint or any sense of a spoilers and the entire film is ruined for all before they can enjoy it. So clearly I am saying nothing about the plot as a whole, what I will talk about is the intelligence boarding on confusion that comes from sitting down and watching this film.

Danny Boyle is a credited and one of the best directors of his age, from classics like Trainspotting  and 28 days later, and not forgetting the beautiful and awe-inspiring performance that was the 2012 London Olympics. His knowledge of technique with the camera and revolutionising the way we process plots and how we view a film is all used in a very interesting way here. One small keyhole sized nugget of information I will share with you is this, James McAvoy’s character is clearly put under the effects of hypnotism. From there we are transported into his mind and is it very well done and really does feel like a dream.

This film uses one ingredient which a lot of films either do not have, they think they do, or they do but use poorly. That said ingredient is intelligence, the ability to make the audience not look around the room bored by make them focus which is essential with a film like this. It’s intelligent and some times confusing which makes you want to watch more but it will stay with you for days.

If you, like me are a fan of films which makes you think, which actually make those cogs in your head start turning in order to keep  up with this film then you will, like me very much enjoy it.

One note I would say, for those with a sensitive stomach, there are a few scenes which will make you recoil back in fear into your sofa or bed. They are incredibly well done which makes the recoil back into your body more needed. I am a fan of the art of horror but even here there were a few scenes which made me shudder. You have been warned.

OVERALL **** Excellent cast, strong performance all around, even feels a tad shakespearean with the plot and McAvoy. It’s an intelligent thought out piece of film and art which I highly recommend, now if you will excuse me. Trance is calling out to me.