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Directed by James Mangold, staring Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukshima, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Famke Jansssen. The story follows Logan after the events of X-3, and we see him losing hope and struggling to find any purpose in life until he is bought to Japan to see an old friend he once saved.

Based off one of the best Wolverine comic book arcs, we see Logan after the events of X-3 with Jean very much on his mind and his struggle to come to terms to what he has done and all the people he has lost.

Now anyone who knows me will know, I am a big comic book fan more specifically I am a massive Marvel fan and I’ve been waiting a long time see to The Wolverine, so expectations were high.

One of the underlining points that makes this film strong and better then the others is that they do not just focus on his emotional state as they have done before, now its his mortality that we worry about. Wolverine for those who don’t know, is a mutant with heightened senses and a very powerful healing ability, so how can we fear for his life when we know he will be fine. We remove it, it’s not spoiler as the trailer focuses on this aspect that Logan has his healing ability removed. This raises the stakes because you suddenly feel his pain and his physical suffering.

Without saying any spoilers I particularly felt his pain towards the end of this film, anyone who has seen it will know what I am referring to . It’s one of the best outings for Wolverine and has a very real human aspect to it.

For those of you who might feel worried or cautious going to see it based on it’s  level of fighting. Yes there is a lot of it, however there is also a lot of plot and time to breath between fights, thanks largely to Tao Okamoto. It is also a joy to watch the fighting with The Hand making it’s appearance for comic book fans.

With Marvel films, you expect little easter eggs and references only the fans of the comics will get and understand, there is none. Which is a nice change of tone as it allows you to focus on the storyline and the characters.

For a wolverine film, there is a right mix of everything, Viper is very good, slightly changed from the comics but better for the purpose of the film.  As is the Silver Samurai, though neither in a way which spoils the film as Origins did.

This is another film I find myself having to hold back and contain my words for because there is so much to say about it, comparing it to the comic, talking about the small things which make it great. However I would not wish to take away anything from your viewing pleasure

Without spoiling, I very much recommend you staying after the film has ended and about half way through the credits.

In all honesty I would just happily sit down and watch it all over again.

OVERALL ***** This is one of Wolverine’s best outings if not the best. Though critiques have said harsh words against it, fan love it and I am a fan in my own right. I highly recommend this film. They really did do justice to The Wolverine.