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Directed by Jon M. Chu, Staring Dwayne Johnson, Ray Park, Adrianne Palicki, Jonathan Pryce Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum. The sequel to the first Joe, Sees Duke (Tatum) leading his own group of soliders as part of the Joes. However Cobra, now having a man on the inside, destroys most of the Joes and plans on destroying the world.

Firstly this film was supposed to be out a year ago, however due to Tatum’s rise in popularity and the lack of him in this sequel. Many reshoots were taken to make him a bigger part of the plot, this only includes an additional one or two scenes and it is quite clear which ones they are. Not because they are bad, but simply because they were easy to shoot and not cost anything extra. Tatum is not in this film for long which is a massive shame, simply because he kept the humour of the film alive.

One of the things that made the first one enjoyable to watch, was the humour. Between Wayans and Tatum they made the first film funny to watch, so there were different levels of emotion. With this sequel they seemed to leave it all behind with Tatum, making this more a revenge film, with darker tones then before. Which is fine except this are not in depth films, they are supposed to be fun summer films with action and laughter. Instead this is a film with a poor plot an average script and so much action it starts getting rather dull.

If they had made this film about an hour or so shorter then its current two hour length,  then it would be okay. The cast is okay, though is always fun to watch Dwayne Johnson with his big guns running around, and no I am not referring to his massive build but to the array or large guns and tanks he uses.

One thing that made me laugh, which I don’t think was meant to, is how they just abandon all the characters baring two from the first one, no mention how of such a tight group who work so well together have gone. Nor why Tatum’s best friend is suddenly Johnson and no Wayans.

This is still fun to watch, just the action can become a bit dull and the humour that made the first film is gone after the first 20 minutes with Tatum.

*** It’s a good film to watch if, like me, your a fan of Johnson, and the action is fun to watch if not a bit dull after a while. If your a fan of Tatum and thats the reason for you going to see it then best go else where. For action, Johnson, and a bit of Willis then I would recommend for a boys night in.