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Identity-Thief-posterDirected by Seth Gordon, Staring Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy and Amanda Peet. Jason Bateman plays a man living a normal life, until a woman steals his identity and he travels to find, confront her and bring her to justice.

This same director brought us Horrible Bosses, which I thought was a very funny well written comedy, this however is just dread-full . This review will be short because after sitting through an hour of this 2 hour long film I just could not take it anymore, my time could be better spent then watching this was of talent and clearly waste of a director.

I have many issues with this film, but let’s start shall we at the beginning, Bateman plays a man who handles accountants, he manages to formulate and control with success the accounts of an entire company. We are constantly reminded that he is the best, he says it, other people say it. Yet some how he still manages to make a mistake which would be considered the hight of stupidity and I do not know one person who would give into this trick. One day he receives a call saying some one allegedly tried to steal his identity and to stop this from happening further he needs to sign up with his woman, who never gives the name of her company. He then gives this stranger all his details and she steal everything from him.

Later on after the woman steals everything from him and he has run out of money almost, he is arrested by the police who give no reason to do so, ¬†stating he missed his court date. Anyone would have quickly checked the mugshot taken of the woman and realised what was happening. Also in this day and age why is it of comedic value to laugh because a man is called Sandy, it’s demeaning and insulting to the audience that they would find this funny and why a man dealing with petrol at a station openly mocks his customer because of his name.

This is simply the foundation the film is built on which as I have shown to flawed and hopefully everyone can see it. They then proceed to get into some ridiculous high speed chases and so on.

OVERALL ZERO I would not recommend this film to anyone, it’s insulting to the audience that this premise of a film would fool us all into thinking it could happen to anyone.