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Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud. Staring Steve Carrell, Kristen Wiig, Bejamin Bratt, Russell Brand, Steve Coogan. Gru is now retired from his work as a super villain  after stealing the moon then placing it back in space ,he has settled down into fatherhood. That is until he is recruited by the Anti Villian League to stop the new super threat.

Those of you who watched the first one, this will not be disappointed at all as sometimes sequels tend to do. Instead they clearly listened to what we liked from the first one, the minions and the humor, and made these features more prominent second time around.

Now the minions who we all love and adore have a lot more screen time and therefore steal a lot more of the laughs. Not once when a minion appeared and did something did the cinema not fill with laughter. They are not over played or used without purpose and indeed stay through the credits as they are made, shall we say more yellow.

The cast was always going to be good and even the new characters add a different tone to it, the levels have been heightened because of the positive reception the first one received  However number 2 lives up to them. A lot of slapstick comedy is used, but this film shows that slapstick still very much works with the audience I sat with laughing throughout. Interesting fact, both the directors of the film voice the minions. 

The plot is somewhat basic but that really does not matter, the comedy makes up for it largely and you come to see the minions being themselves, Gru and his girls going through life with many explosions and updates and that is exactly what you get. It’s fun for all ages and exactly what comedic films have been missing at the moment with some sort of desperation to remind us that we have money issues, this is what comedy was for to distract to entertain and more importantly to make us laugh. More comedies should follow this route and less films like This is 40.

OVERALL **** This film is funny, the minions will make you cry and honestly want more of them despite how much more screen time we have with them, it does not feel enough. The whole family will get a much needed laugh so yes I very much recommend this film.