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Directed by Zack Synder, starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon. Following the story of Clark Kent from his birth to defending the Earth against Zod.

Call this what you like, a reboot for the Justice League, another incarnation for the younger audience it makes no difference, personally I would like this to be the start of them putting together the Justice League as this felt like the right first stepping stone to do so.

Directed by Zack Snyder by kept under the watchful and brilliant eye of Mr Chris Nolan. I have never been a massive fan of the superman movies, every trailer I see for them does not ignite a spark in my mind to make me yearn to see it. However maybe down to my age but when I saw the first Man of Steel trailer it got my fire burning to go see this.

In terms of the plot I was very happy with it, no spoilers here but they do not spend hours on his childhood showing how he discovered and learnt to control his abilities which was a nice touch, I do not know if in the past they have shown Krypton the home planet of Kal-El (superman) before. I doubt it was done to such detail and expanse before but it was beautifully made with really good details.

To start with I was not convinced by Lois Lane, her character seemed reckless and not as intellgent as I would have though making some strange choices but after a while she improved. However Henry Cavill as Superman was excellent, but none of the arrogance I have see from superman before which was nice. It must be noted that he put on so much weight in terms of muscle that he is just massive, as in an interview he said, “it’s great for being superman, but not much else” when asked about whether he was still that same size.

Michael Shannon was good, hard to compare him to anything else other then Loki, he does not have the same presence or power as Zod but does a good Job of playing the role.

The easter Eggs in this film were very hard to see, blink and you will easily miss them or look in the wrong place and you will miss them.

As I said before I do hope this is the start for Justice League as it seems pointless doing another reboot when this one is excellent.

I would talk in more details about scenes but there are a lot of things that the trailer doesn’t show that make this film great that I wasn’t expecting but made it better.

**** Four stars as it was a tad too long to make it 5, but I really Enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone