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Both directed and written by Judd Apatow, staring Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Chris O’Dowd. A sequel following Knocked up and looking at the lives of Pete and Debbie a few years after those events.

I have never regarded Leslie Mann in any high esteem in terms of her acting; she plays from what I can tell in interviews, herself every time and having the director be your husband has probably helped her more then is healthy. The main reason I watched this film was because of Paul Rudd, he is a funny man with good timing which I thought would make this film enjoyable.

This film is over two hours long, a normal amount of time for something like Lord of the Rings, or The Hobbit, but not for a mediocre style comedy which spends more then enough time just screaming at each other and showing how depressing it is to be 40 which is not the case. The parenting techniques used by the two characters on their two daughters are just strange and maybe its escalation is done for comedic effect but in fact make you just wonder how this family is still even together. This film needed to be half that time at the very least and save us from an over indulgent director who clears does not know how to use an editing software, nor how an actual family dynamic works.

This was painful to sit through with only two people being remotely funny, Paul Rudd and Chris O’Dowd who only appears in some scenes but adds a sense of realism and rationality to this mess.

For me the best part of this film was when the credits eventually appeared and I could do something more productive with my eyes.

I shall stop my rant here but least to say I really did not enjoy this film at all, baring one or two scenes from Rudd and O’Dowd.

I realise this is quite a scathing review, however if you feel I have treated this film unfairly and that is has some merit I have just missed then please comment below.

** Two stars for my two savours, do I recommend this film no not even slightly. If your looking for a good comedy head towards Crazy, Stupid love.